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hello sleepwalkers


Hikai | 19 | Female | Croatia | ♋ | Free Lancer | Otaku with sanity

Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

• Hello and welome to my deviantART, fellow wanderer. I hope you'll find something you like around here.

• I draw mostly OCs, fantasy art, pokemon and rarely fanart.

• Eventhough I appear aloof, do not hesitate to approach and talk to me, I really appreciate it. I won't bite unless you're a troll.

• Feel free to ask me for roleplaying, I'm a casual roleplayer and my style really depends on my partner an I don't mind if your english is bad or something. Keep in mind that I won't RP or create characters for shipping/relationship's sake.

• If you want to add me on skype, please ask me about it via notes. If we don't talk within a month I'll have to remove you to keep my contacts out of clutter.

Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

Other contacts

Note me about skype
Facebook Social Icon by Gasara Chocoholic Art
Tumblr Social Icon by Gasara cocoasaurus-rex
Tumblr Social Icon by Gasara choco-daubs
Twitter Social Icon by Gasara @simkypie
Instagram Social Icon by Gasara simkysaurus
Email Social Icon by Gasara

RP characters

Choose a character below to play with

more to be added in the future



Free Watermark Blue by PeppermentPanda

R never by IchitokoAT friendsonly by IchitokoCM open by Ichitoko

Ramen Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose'Proud Pokenerd' Stamp by JA-punksterAtheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
horn love stamp by DelfimNightowl Stamp by Kezzi-RoseScience by paramoreSUCKS
I Love Cryptozoology by genkistampsCat Love Stamp by cloudratI love Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Owls by WishmasterAlchemistI love Red Pandas by WishmasterAlchemistGoldy Gry Kiriban by CasanovaUnlimited
Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngieI love Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist:: 094 :: by flaiKi
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FMA Stamp by aniphxShingeki No Kyojin stamp by KyoichiiStamp: Digimon by Skully1200



DA :: Lynx APP by cocoasaurus
DA :: Lynx APP


Name: Lennox 'Lynx' Wallis
Age: 19
Preferred Gender: Male
Home: Scotland, Inverness
Birthday: 19/09/1995
Digimon: Demidevimon DA :: Digimon Demidevimon 'Poe' App by cocoasaurus

Personality: Lynx is a very reserved boy who may come out with a cold and cruel personality but that is because he views things realistically and prefers to be brutally honest than sugar coat things and because of that he prefers to keep quiet and keep his opinions to himself. As realistically as he may come be, he has a great passion for writting, story telling and using words, specifically in horror fields.

History: Lynx grew up in a wealthy Scottish family, and is the youngest sibling of his two sisters. Because of his wealth, good looks and good grades he was the popular kid in school, but he wasn't too happy at all. His father died in an aviary accident, leading his mother to be emotionally unstable and is sent to a ware, now he is under his sisters' care and custody. When he was playing with his dog outside his mansion, he found a strange egg washed ashore by the river in his yard. Once he held th egg in his arms, it hatched into a Zurumon and with no hesitation showed the fresh digimon to his sisters who had very uncomfortable reactions to it and asked him to get rid of it, however, Lynx has choosen not to and kept the digimon hidden. Digivolving into a Pagumon once he was fed enough, the digimon forced Lynx to the digital world. Upon getting to know his digimon more Lynx decided to nickname him 'Poe'.


- Voice sample:
David Tennant
- He is taking fencing classes as a family tradition, he got the facial scar in one of the practices
- Fullbody pic: DA :: Lynx fullbody by cocoasaurus

DOT Mode - Digital Card - DOT Mode by Default-Island


:icondigimon-arcana: © SpatzArt
Lynx © cocoasaurus
Demidevimon © Bandai


Pokeyman Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 1:42 AM
I got tagged by :iconcoke-in-pebble: ay aya ayyyy


Go to Pokemon Randomizer:  Generator

1 - Switch to All Regions

2 - Switch to 1

3 - Only one Pokemon per question


1) This Pokemon is your best friend.

Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
fukc NO get that thing away from me

2) This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion.


3) This Pokemon is your partner in a science project.

LOOKIT MY FLUFFY PARTNER BITCHES and be jealous, that flame will be needed

4) This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you.


Note: DON'T be fooled by their beauty

5) This Pokemon is your Ex.


He kept giving me cold shoulders

6) This Pokemon is your boyfriend.

I always had a thing for older boys, bonus points if they're extinct

7) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment.
I'm not immune to this

8) This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake.
This is why we can't have ice things together, Articuno

9) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night.
 He made my bedrock so hard

10) This Pokemon punched your mom.
He can't take cooking critiques quite well.

11) This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes.
You sure you wanna wear these pink crocs, bruh? Ok

12) This Pokemon died by your hands.
That's okey, Weavile adopt a new one

13) This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life.
Together forever, through thick and thn. why am i attracting turtle pokemon tho?

14) This Pokemon is your loving pet.

My sweet little loyal angel, stealing souls from people i don't like <3

15) This Pokemon is your Dentist.
I'm not sure how that is going to work, but ok

16) This Pokemon is what you dream about every day.
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

17) This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.
IS THIS tHE REAL LIFE IS THIS JUST FANTASY? please get that clingy mr.mime away from me you lovely bug type
I tag: ThaIssing Setsuna-Yena HikaruNephele KaiWhiteTiger .... and anyone who wants to do this really, feel free to steal this.

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
DA :: Digimon Demidevimon 'Poe' App by cocoasaurus
DA :: Digimon Demidevimon 'Poe' App
Name: Demidevimon 'Poe'
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Virus
Nature: Nightmare Soldiers
Tamer: Lennox 'Lynx' Wallis DA :: Lynx fullbody by cocoasaurus

Virus based: Evil Whisper
Vaccine Based: Bat Flutter
Data based: Demi Dart

Poe is a playful digimon who basically has a cat-like personality, it plays pranks and pounces on other digimon just for his own amusement, but is completely harmless and loves getting attention. Teases Lynx a lot, often demands to be petted and has a great appetite, nevetheless he got Lynx' back.

His egg was mysteriously washed ashore on the Ness river in Inverness, Scotland, by Lynx' mansion where Lynx found it and hatched in his arms. Poe's events before the encounter remain unknown.


Name: Zurumon
Level: Fresh
Attribute: None
Nature: Unknown
Main Attack: Poison Bubbles

Name: Pagumon
Level: In-training
Attribute: Virus
Nature: Nightmare Soldiers
Attacks: Poison Bubbles

Other levels will be unlocked lately as Digimon Arcana's story develops.

Demidevimon and his line © Bandai
Digimon Arcana © :iconspatzart:
CM :: Setsuna-Yena by cocoasaurus
CM :: Setsuna-Yena
Comishhhhh from :iconsetsuna-yena: <333 heee oh god oh god I hope I didn't butchered the characters because I was so much focused into placing the muscles right, they were EVERYWHERE :iconeverywhereplz: It's not like I'm complainin' thohoho~

 I demand a plz icon or a meme of Shikamon's face. Just look how happy he is
Ruby & Shikamon © Setsuna-Yena
Tacco & Peepmon © Rina-ran


Chibi / Pagedoll


COMM :: AjaxTheRiot by cocoasaurusSnorlacious - Page Buddy by cocoasaurus
• Includes blinking and simple animation ( +$2/200pts )

Sketch example by cocoasaurus colored sketch example by cocoasaurus

• Colours included ( +$2/200 pts )
$5 / Points 500
Flat colors
New ID by cocoasaurusArcticmon by cocoasaurus
• Transparent background in default, you may choose a different simple packground
$10 / Points 1000
Bust/waist shots

: Collab - Rotami : by cocoasaurusEirik shoulder-up by cocoasaurus

•Transparent bg by default
 $10 / Points 1000
Cell-shaded [ simple bg ]
PUNKS NOT DEAD... by cocoasaurus
 $15 / Points 1500
Cell-shaded [ detailed bg ]
TDW - Starcrossed Lovers by cocoasaurus
Painting [ simple bg ]
TDW - A Love Portrait by cocoasaurus
Painting [ detailed bg ]
 Velos :: The Fire Keeper by cocoasaurus
Anime screenshot
TDW - Save the Primary Village by cocoasaurus TDW - One normal day at the beach... by cocoasaurus


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